First Laser: 48 years ago, today a new semiconductor opens the doors of science to new uses

The first laser was invented on May 16, 1960, or well 48 years ago. An important event, recalled from google with its icon on the home page which opens interesting reflections on how we can make the instrument laser considering the discovery of Italian researcher Alessandro Tredicucci of a new semiconductor laser “with special features – such as the Alessandro Tredicucci said – to work in a spectral region still virtually unused for precisely the lack of solid-state sources compact, low consumption. Maiman (we discussed in previous post in Italian) is attributed the invention of the first laser, although as is often the case when it comes to similar events, the paternity of has been questioned by some who have claimed the idea. Maiman died last year and he was 79 years old, was candidate for 2 times a nobel prize but has not obtained. Today google celebrates his invention.

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